21 November 2016
Centerm Invited to Present at Intel Vertical Summit 2016

Centerm, the global leader in cloud clients, financial terminals and payment terminals, has been invited to present in Intel Vertical Summit 2016 taking place October 21-23, 2016, in Zhuhai City, China. This is one of the most prestigious events which enables top-tier Intel Technology Providers to connect with other Intel channel partners and Intel executives, and to receive updates on the latest technologies, market trends and Intel product innovations in various categories. Over 400 top customers from various industries including finance, government, education and Internet, have been invited to discuss about digital globalization and technology innovation. 

As Intel’s strategic partner, Centerm demonstrated its smart banking solution equipped with Thin Client H660, Interactive Terminal A10, Mobile Terminal T9 and Self-service Terminal E10,  which has attracted plenty of attention at this event.

Centerm’s smart banking solution is based on achieving the equipment streamline, service efficiency, customer experience humanization, datamation of precision marketing for front-office in banks, and provides the whole optimal scheme from various aspects.

At the front-office in banks, Centerm Self-service Terminal E10 simplifies the user form-filling process with filling-free system, which can not only shorten the filling time of client, but also can open the mobile end for pre-filling to achieve paperless of form filling.

At the counter, Centerm uses integrated card reader to integrate desktop environment inside the counter, with Interactive Terminal A10 meeting the requirements of client password input, evaluation and information interaction. Electronic signature and seal system transfers the paper documents to electronic forms to achieve paperless business process. And Centerm Thin Client H660 has realized the thorough physical isolation of its two operating systems — the processor, memory, storage, network and peripheral interfaces are all thoroughly isolated while running simultaneously, which guarantees the security for banks.

Centerm also achieves outdoor door-to-door business handling with Mobile Terminal T9 that can provide comprehensive outdoor marketing solutions to clients.